Rude Health

Rude Health's ethos is about providing high-quality ingredients and products to the public and they have spent years perfecting all of their recipes. Their bright, loud, and exciting brand really sparks an interest in their healthy snacks and nutrition, but they stay humble by only using the kind of ingredients that you’d use in your home, with nothing artificial or refined.
Rude Health的精神是向公眾提供優質的食材和產品,他們花了多年的時間完善所有食譜。他們明亮,響亮且令人興奮的品牌確實激發了人們對健康零食和營養的興趣,但他們只使用您在家中使用的那種食材,而沒有人工或精緻的食物,從而保持謙虛。

Chinese (Traditional)